Celebrating a decade long relationship in 2018, blueAPACHE and Call Design share a lot of history. The partnership began in 2008 thanks to the similar ethos shared by the two companies. According to Call Design Director and CIO, Peter Salmon, the similar growth through the years has meant that the two have remained closely aligned.


Call Design started with just one person in 1999, offering consulting, voice and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to the Sydney region. Since then, the firm has grown to 63 staff across offices in Australia, US, Europe and Asia, servicing clients in ‘every continent except Antarctica’.

The growth meant that Call Design needed their infrastructure to be solid, elastic and scale as customer demand changes. Improving performance, visibility and predictability were also key drivers behind the decision to migrate to a fully hosted platform that could provide Call Design with a more stable IT infrastructure with significantly less downtime.


The partnership between the two companies has evolved over the years with blueAPACHE supporting Call Design in multiple ways.

In 2008, blueAPACHE started providing IT infrastructure for Software as a Service (SaaS) for Call Design’s customer, supporting more than 22,000 contact centre agents in Europe and the United States. Since those early days, Call Design have expanded to providing SaaS across six different platforms and blueAPACHE provide consulting, licencing and implementation services across all those platforms.

When Call Design found their incumbent network provider to be unreliable, blueAPACHE helped implement an MPLS networking solutions through emPOWER Network which includes fully redundant, automated backups ensuring business continuity across critical business areas.

Salmon said, “We operate within large contact centres across the Finance, Government and Distribution sectors. Over the last few years, we’ve partnered with blueAPACHE to deliver infrastructure projects for many large clients including an international telecommunications company and one of Australia’s largest bank and financial-services provider.”

In more recent years, blueAPACHE have been instrumental in implementing infrastructure that can scale with change. Through virtual servers that provided Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise Blades and 3PAR storage, blueAPACHE gave Call Design predictable performance and a secure environment that could be accessed anywhere, with efficient control and monitoring abilities, all at a reasonable price point.


Salmon said the many roles that blueAPACHE takes on for Call Design is thanks to their reliability and strong relationship. “We are very, very similar in many ways,” Salmon said.

“blueAPACHE are relationship-driven and about adding value to their clients. It comes down to trust, confidence and technical depth. blueAPACHE have really innovative thinking and this is a great asset to us.” he said.

As for the road ahead, Call Design is looking to blueAPACHE to focus on security. While blueAPACHE already perform frequent security reviews for the organisation, as technology evolves so do security needs. With the digital world constantly growing and the ability to work anywhere, anytime, increasing, privacy, safety and security across infrastructure is paramount to Call Design.

According to Salmon blueAPACHE are the ideal experts who can help lead the way.

“We will be working with them for many years to come.”


About Call Design

Call Design specialises in providing software solutions, consulting, support and advice, particularly in the area of workforce optimisation (WFO), to organisations around the world. Call Design have one of the largest teams of WFO consultants in the world, offering guidance to hundreds of companies, about how to best benefit from workforce management, back office optimisation, quality assurance, performance management and analytics. Call Design work at an enterprise-wide level to put the best tools in place for an unparalleled customer experience.

To learn more, visit www.calldesign.com.au


About blueAPACHE

Built upon a foundation of engineering excellence, blueAPACHE are trusted to deliver business-critical IT (on-premises and IT as a service) that help our clients improve business efficiency, increase agility and drive innovation. We specialise in delivering comprehensive IT Management, Cloud, Network, Voice, Software and Consulting as a converged service that clients can leverage when they need, as they need it. Each of our service pillar is underpinned by our dedicated security practise that enables organisations to align their security investments to meet core strategic and operational objectives.

To learn more, visit www.blueapache.com

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