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blueAPACHE specialises in providing flexible and reliable data and internet connectivity through a fibre optic network that spans Australia and incorporates data centres in major capital cities.

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blueAPACHE Networks and Connectivity

Today’s network demands create significant challenges for organisations. The number of mobile and remote workers, the variety of mobile devices and technologies with BYOD, disparate business locations, the need for offsite disaster recovery and redundancy, new compliance requirements and the volume of business data are all increasing.

Redundancy, security, business continuity and compliance complexity are becoming more challenging. Business demands are constantly evolving and organisations are struggling to keep pace with the change. Organisations need to invest in solutions that help them confidently deliver network application services for their users in a dynamic environment, and these solutions need to work – all the time and on all devices.

Uptime and business continuity are now key success matrices as more organisations understand the true cost of poor network management and downtime. emPOWER Network is a comprehensive, fully-meshed solution that helps businesses achieve these matrices. It includes:

  • Proactive monitoring of all connections involved in the network 24 x 7 x 365.
  • Direct emPOWER Cloud connectivity.
  • Direct Microsoft Azure and Office365 connectivity through ExpressRoute.
  • Direct Amazon AWS connectivity through DirectConnect.
  • Direct connectivity to the internet backbone and National Broadband network.
  • Advanced Features – MPLS Enabled, Q-in-Q.
  • Network powered by Cisco carrier-class infrastructure.
  • ‘On-Net’ data centre Points of Presence across Australia.
  • Integrated geographic and terrestrial redundancy.
  • International Sub-Sea IP Transits to New Zealand and Singapore.


Reliability with Built-in Redundancy

The emPOWER Network delivers businesses a stable, secure and fully managed data communications network that provides the ideal foundation for our customers’ journey into the emPOWER Cloud. We own and operate our own fully-meshed Cisco MPLS core allowing us to provide dedicated, reliable and secure inter-office networks throughout Australia.

The emPOWER network has been designed and built based on our rich history of understanding our clients requirements. It includes carrier redundant transmission paths, full hardware redundancy at all of our points of presence and multiple data centre locations.

Private Networks

Our emPOWER Network MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers business a simple and secure solution to deliver a private network between one or more locations across geographically disparate offices, shops, warehouses and the like. This enables you to send email, share files, domain authentication, make voip phone calls, operate point of sale equipment on one single, secure private network for your entire business. Regardless if you have two or twenty locations, we can leverage our technology investments to quickly and easily create private networks for your business, branches and sites.

Flexible Connectivity

We can connect multiple network technologies together to provide you with a seamless, secure network including ‘fit for purpose’ access technologies and terrestrial and wireless solutions for true diversity. Given the diversity of communications infrastructure available in Australia, some locations may be able to get fibre whilst others Ethernet and others wireless. We can put all of these network technologies together to provide a single secure network.

Carrier Agnostic

We can provide the MPLS Cloud service using any combination of Ethernet (Fibre, EoC/Midband), Broadband DSL, HSDPA (3G Wireless), Satellite and Wimax (Fixed Wireless) using a mix of vendors.

International Reach

blueAPACHE is continually interconnecting the emPOWER Network MPLS core into international markets to meet the needs of our global clients. The emPOWER Network leverages the Southern Cross cable system to deliver terrestrial services throughout New Zealand and SEA-ME-WE 3 for services in Asia.

Additional Information

For more information on your network requirements and how we can help your business, contact our Account Management team.


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