National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia wide project to upgrade the existing fixed line phone and internet network infrastructure. It will enable businesses to embrace digital technologies regardless of their location, without investing in dedicated network infrastructure.
What is the NBN?

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s first national, open access communications network that is being built to bring high speed broadband and telephone services within the reach of all Australian premises. NBNco Logo It is an essential ingredient for Australia’s digital evolution to support future economic and social growth. Economic growth and technology are intrinsically linked and this makes investment in the NBN crucial for Australia. The digital economy demands a fast and reliable network to enable; access to new markets, opportunity to reduce costs and drive innovation as well as gaining competitive edge on the global stage.

How can the NBN help my business?
High speed internet has the potential to provide significant benefits to organisations. With the NBN:

  • Unified Communications will become more prevalent, with VOIP telephony, messaging, presence, and high definition video conferencing being the norm. Telephony will be able to be delivered at a higher quality, and depending on your business needs, much more cost effectively. Like other high speed connections, the NBN can have telephony and data running over the same line, mitigating the need for additional connections.
  • Fibre, fixed wireless and satellite are more reliable than old copper connections (not affected by extreme heat or rain), so businesses should expect to see connectivity outages drop, telephony become reliable and video calls become more stable.
  • The cloud becomes much more attainable. Offsite backups to the cloud become easier – those old tape back ups can finally be retired. Using online software and solutions for core business activities becomes viable, enabling staff to work remotely, more effectively and opening opportunities to expand your geographic presence simply.
  • Leveraging video and graphics to promote your business becomes easier. Uploading large media is more viable, offering more opportunities to market and promote.
NBN Network Technologies

The NBN will utilise three network technologies:

Fibre to Premise

Within the next decade, the plan is for every workplace in the country to have access to the NBN through one or more of these network technologies.

Flexible Connectivity

blueAPACHE can connect multiple network technologies together to provide you with a seamless, secure network including ‘fit for purpose’ access technologies and terrestrial and wireless solutions for true diversity. We integrate the different technologies, manage the varying vendors, provide a single pane of glass view, streamline management and simplify reporting.

Carrier Agnostic


This single pane of glass includes NBN’s fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies. If the NBN fibre best suits your needs for some sites, Optus Cable for others , BigAir Fixed Witreless for others again and Telstra DSL for the rest; we can integrate the different connections together into a single service while maintaining the reporting, management, security and operational benefits you gain from the emPOWER Network. The days of managing multiple vendors are gone, as are the days of sacrificing speeds or features because one vendor doesn’t service some sites.

Private Networks with NBN

Our emPOWER Network MPLS VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers business a simple and secure solution to deliver a private network between one or more locations across geographically disparate offices, shops and warehouses.

As the NBN is connected directly into our emPOWER Network core, we can offer VPN over NBN connections. This enables you to send email, share files, domain authentication, make voip phone calls, operate point of sale equipment on one single, secure private network for your entire business. Regardless if you have two or twenty locations, we can leverage our technology investments to quickly and easily create private networks for your business, branches and sites.

Reliability with Built-in Redundancy

The emPOWER Network delivers businesses a stable, secure and fully managed data communications network leveraging Cisco ASR 9000s that provides the ideal foundation for our customers’ journey into the emPOWER Cloud. We own and operate our own fully-meshed Cisco MPLS core allowing us to provide dedicated, reliable and secure inter-office networks throughout Australia.

The emPOWER network has been designed and built based on our rich history of understanding our clients requirements. It includes carrier redundant transmission paths, full hardware redundancy at all of our points of presence, security built into the core, and multiple data centre locations.

Additional Information

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