The cloud is gathering a lot of media attention, and businesses are starting to pay attention. To better understand the adoption rates of hybrid cloud, Tech Pro Research conducted a global survey in May 2014 of 138 organisations.

Their findings showed that most are familiar with the concept of a hybrid cloud, with 93 percent of respondents reporting they have at least heard of it. Most of the people not familiar with the concept are from small organisations – 13 percent of those in companies with fewer than 50 employees are unfamiliar with hybrid cloud, versus only 5 percent unfamiliar with the concept in companies of 1,000 or more.

Familiar with Cloud


Of the 128 respondents who had at least heard of the hybrid cloud, one-third said they have already implemented a hybrid cloud solution and another 37 percent are considering the use of a hybrid cloud option.


Familiar with Hybrid CLoud


This aligns very closely with a recent survey, The New Era of Hosted Services, commissioned by Microsoft, which said that 68 percent of organisations will adopt a hybrid cloud model over the next two years — a 19 percent increase over current hybrid cloud adoption rates.

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