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Win the war for talent with flexible and secure ways to keep your workforce connected and engaged

The global pandemic has redefined the business landscape and workplaces forever. Remote working gave businesses a lifeline for continuity during uncertain times but it has influenced more than just the present.

The hybrid workplace of the future is key to driving productivity, enhancing opportunities, and empowering a highly talented workforce, regardless of location.
Embracing remote working has the advantage of letting you secure the best talent for your workforce. The war for talent is affecting all industries but a hybrid workforce means you can widen search pools and offer employees more flexibility while also remaining productive, agile, and efficient.

The business environment of the future is still uncertain, but remote working can help to minimise the impact of any disruptions. Throughout the pandemic, the ability to work remotely was amplified and its success has forever transformed the traditional environment. Your business can seamlessly continue operating without disruption through secure and reliable IT. More than that, you can connect with new markets and leverage talent from a broader pool when location is no longer an issue. This can deliver significant new business opportunities and position your company for exponential growth.


blueAPACHE can help your workforce become more flexible, securely connected, and engaged with our emPOWER Workspace.
The modern workplace is a hybrid mix of people working in the corporate office, from home offices, and from other remote locations. It’s no longer just millennials who crave flexibility; we’ve all had a taste of what’s possible and most workers want more of the flexibility and agility they experienced during the pandemic.

Now, many employees split their working week between working from home, in the office, or from libraries, cafes and other places. And, they expect the same level of connectivity, security, and productivity no matter where they’re working from that day. Being able to provide this in a seamless and reliable way can be the difference when it comes to attracting and retaining staff members. Failing to do so could mark your business as an undesirable place to work. The stakes have never been higher.

To support your hybrid, mobile workforce, you need a workplace solution that puts
everything you need in one place. This means letting workers access apps and data on any device, from any location, without compromising security.
This may sound like a tall order. However, with blueAPACHE emPOWER Workspace, it can become a reality faster and more easily than you might think.

Keep apps and data secure no matter where they’re being accessed from
Roll out remote cloud desktops quickly and from anywhere
Leverage advanced analytics to fix issues and prevent threats
Move away from traditional VPNs with a zero trust approach


When employees have a positive experience with work, they become more engaged and more productive. Lagging, complex systems that can’t be accessed remotely are guaranteed to deliver an employee experience that would have today’s workers looking for the exit. Increasingly, the IT department is just as responsible as the HR department for ensuring that employee experience is superb.

Even before the global pandemic, employees
overwhelmingly wanted to work flexibly:

believed is would let them boost their professional development


said remote work improves job satisfaction


said flexible working improved personal wellbeing

The disruption from the global pandemic revealed that most jobs can be done remotely if workers are given the right tools and resources. Seamless access means workers can focus on the task at hand, boosting productivity and minimising frustration.


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The blueAPACHE

Founded in 1998 with the pioneering vision of delivering Everything as a Service, blueAPACHE has grown into a multi award-winning IT powerhouse. We’ve received global accolades including MSP 501 and hold the title of ARN Mid-Market Partner of the Year for 2019, 2020 and 2021. We understand the mid-market and the challenges you face. Our pioneering vision holds true today and sets the business apart in terms of innovation and technology sophistication. We continually invest in our own platforms across cloud, networks, unified communications, and security, which means we can deliver you complete IT-as-a-Service, backed by managed services and trusted strategic counsel.

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    We understand what the workplace of the future looks like and the importance of building it right to ensure a competitive advantage.

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    While there is an overwhelming array of cloud-based solutions that promise to solve every challenge and boost productivity, our experts understand that a cogent technology strategy is still needed to avoid wasting time, money and effort.

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    Application delivery is only part of the story. We consider data security, governance and compliance with regulations at all times.

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    We know what a great user experience is and how to build a technology environment that delivers it.

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