blueAPACHE Celebrates Family Day 2019 at Collingwood Children’s Farm

Hosting our annual Family Day at the Collingwood Children’s Farm in Melbourne, staff and their families were invited to spend the afternoon exploring the walking trails and animal stations at the farm. blueAPACHE’s Family Day brings the team from all over Australia...

Celebrating 2018 at blueAPACHE’s Vegas-themed Party

2018 has gone by and with December comes the time to celebrate our efforts and successes. 2018 has been a great year for blueAPACHE. We have continued to invest in our global footprint with the establishment of an emPOWER Cloud Point of Presence in London,...

Australia Passes Anti-Encryption Bill

Australia's House of Representatives has recently passed a bill which allows law enforcement agencies to compel tech companies to hand over encrypted messaging data. The "Telecommunications Assistance and Access Bill 2018," also known as the Anti-Encryption Bill, now...

blueAPACHE Hosts Essential Eight Roundtable in Victoria

At our lunch and learn event hosted at QT Melbourne, we brought together key customers, to discuss the latest issues on strategies towards mitigating cybersecurity incidents within an organisation (Essential Eight). Along with our guests, blueAPACHE's Managing...

For Australian businesses, ISDN will soon be in the past

With ISDN services discontinued from the 30th June 2018 and phone line disconnections commencing 2019, businesses are preparing for the shutdown of ISDN when NBN rolls out completely over the next few years. ISDN is a digital network technology that carries voice and...

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