Hybrid and Private Cloud

blueAPACHE offers a flexible, secure and reliable way to quickly and easily leverage Hybrid and Private Cloud technology to your business advantage.
Cloud Infrastructure

With 99.999% uptime, multi-layered redundancy and world class infrastructure, our cloud platform offers the perfect platform for your PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, UCaaS, DRaaS, back up and storage requirements.

Cloud Topology
The blueAPACHE emPOWER Cloud is built on a world-class service provider platform. From our diverse Tier 3 datacentre partners to our fully meshed MPLS core network, blueAPACHE have built the emPOWER Cloud platform to deliver five nines availability with scale and performance at front of mind.

Our cloud infrastructure resides in three geographically diverse datacentres located on Australia’s Eastern Sea-board.

Driving Value

NBN CompatibleemPOWER Cloud features secure servers underpinned by enterprise-grade infrastructure, multiple operating systems and a range of business-ready applications, private networks and security solutions. Built on world-class infrastructure and a fully integrated and secure IP network, we can help you match your technology to business goals and budgets.

Research into the adoption of cloud computing services by Australian businesses shows that the key reason most businesses start down this path because they considered it more cost efficient for a particular need or problem, especially for:

  • Utilisation of a particular and important enterprise application needed by the business;
  • The need to improve capacity utilisation with servers and computer storage consolidated around fewer, larger facilities and with some applications virtualised; or
  • The desire to move servers and computing into professionally managed and setup facilities.
Improved Return on Investment

The cost effectiveness of utilising cloud computing in these situations came not just from the avoidance of capital costs, but also from:

  • Lower ongoing costs through lower support and maintenance needs;
  • Regular enhancements and upgrades of applications and equipment at no additional costs;
  • Better equipment utilisation (pay for what you use); and
  • Better, more productive use of IT staff.
Unexpected Benefits

While cost effectiveness was the initial reason for introducing cloud services, many businesses who have moved past this initial stage now state that other reasons are equally or even more important.

They have discovered a host of benefits that weren’t clearly foreseen in the initial decision making, including vastly improved agility through:

  • Simple access  to a single data footprint from anywhere a web connection is available;
  • Scalability to match availability with business growth, reduction or change;
  • The agility to quickly and simply provide for new offices, staff changes, new projects, etc as well as respond more quickly to changing customer requirements or try new services quickly and simply; and
  • Elasticity to cope with big fluctuations in activities such as customer service whilst maintaining service levels and customer satisfaction or to enable short term, large scale activities like particular sales promotions.
Additional Information

For more information on Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud (or Data Sovereignty and your current Cloud strategy), contact our Account Management team.




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