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blueAPACHE’s innovative software solutions are designed to meet the complex needs of our clients. In addition to ‘off the shelf’ software from the world’s leading vendors, we also develop and customise software solutions that streamline operations, automate work flows and integrate seamlessly with your existing software investments.

Office 365 gives you the familiarity and power of Office with the flexibility of the cloud. With Office in the cloud, your applications and files are with you wherever you go, whether you’re working offline at your desktop, online, or on one of your devices.

Edit files at your PC or Mac. Email or share files from your tablet. Join an online meeting from your phone. What you need is accessible from anywhere, right up front, and always up to date.

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Extend your Veeam back up, data replication and disaster recovery strategies offsite – easily, quickly and without investing in infrastructure. Welcome to blueAPACHE data protection as a service.

The blueAPACHE Cloud Connect helps you adhere to the 3-2-1 data protection rule easily by automating offsite storage to an Australian premium datacentre without dumping money and resources into a second site, adding bandwidth or investing in infrastructure.

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The blueAPACHE Email Security solution is an always-on, inbound and outbound email security package, with protection against targeted attacks, spear phishing, advanced malware, spam and bulk mail.

Email Security includes data loss prevention technology and email encryption delivered from a global cloud platform to protect both your cloud and on-premise mailboxes.

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emPOWER Proof provides freight operators, service businesses and distribution businesses with an immediate, low cost solution for mobile information management. From a small operator to large enterprises, emPOWER Proof is a highly valuable tool for all delivery, transport and service businesses where a proof of delivery or service is required.

To improve reporting, logistics management and job tracking, we have designed a simple to use and scalable system that eliminates the need for expensive rugged delivery devices while providing extensive features and benefits that will reduce both capital and operational expenses.

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