Our Values

What are values? In simplest terms, they are a set of beliefs that govern behaviour. Like people, companies have values and these must shine through in all our interactions. The core values that govern our behaviour include:

Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and honesty can be demonstrated in many ways. Honesty and integrity are demonstrated not just in the extraordinary but in the everyday decisions we make. As employees, we strive for excellence even when no one else is looking.

Open and Respectful

People who are open and respectful of others understand that how work is accomplished is as important as the work itself. We never act in a manner that could be perceived as threatening, intolerant, or discriminatory.

Technical Excellence

blueAPACHE has a diversely skilled team of over 90 engineers, a plethora of certifications including
ITIL, and many vendor accreditations from our partners including Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Veeam, Palo
Alto, and HPE. Our frontline service desk are Level 2 engineers at a minimum and empowered to
resolve requests on first contact. This improves the end user experience and resolution times.


blueAPACHE own and operate our entire ITaaS environment. This level of accountability and influence
is second to none. This ownerships means blueAPACHE has 100% level of influence and complete
accountability. We design and manage our own carrier-grade fully meshed MPLS core network directly
linked into the emPOWER Cloud. The gives us the ability to expedite issue resolution and gives us full
control to optimise the user experience.

Big Challenges

From the very beginning, blueAPACHE has tackled big challenges. Big challenges have little to do with a specific job and everything to do with the vision, courage, and fortitude of our people.

Self Critical

Our dedication to quality is not exclusive to our products and services. Each of us should improve over time. We must consistently ask ourselves and co-workers, “What could I have done better? How can I improve for next time?”

Reporting and Guidance

We want to hear your concerns and questions. blueAPACHE has zero tolerance for retaliation. It is your right and responsibility to report compliance concerns and obtain guidance when you are uncertain about what action you should take.

You are responsible and accountable for preventing, detecting, and reporting instances of non-compliance to a member of the blueAPACHE management team.

Any concerns or issues you report will be treated seriously, fairly, and promptly. blueAPACHE will handle inquiries discreetly and make every effort to maintain, within the limits allowed by the law, the confidentiality of anyone requesting guidance or reporting a possible violation.

blueAPACHE does not tolerate retaliation against any employee who makes a good faith report, cooperates with an investigation or audit, or refuses to participate in activities that violate applicable laws, regulations, company policies, or standards of ethical conduct. Any employee who engages in retaliation will be subject to disciplinary action.

Further Information

For more information on our policies and issue management, email ethics@blueapache.com.

To lodge a concern or complaint, contact blueAPACHE on 1300 135548 or email ethics@blueapache.com.

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