These 3 Rs can mean the difference between
business survival or extinction.

Most businesses won’t recover from a disaster

Depending on which research you look at, up to 93% of firms will not survive 12 months after an event that causes significant data loss or extended periods of IT downtime. At the very least, there will be lost revenue, lost customers, lost productivity and potential knock-on effects that can last for years.

That’s why we consider three key elements when designing a disaster recovery solution:


If disaster struck how well would your critical IT infrastructure, applications and data survive today and what can we do to harden your mission critical functions?


How ready are you to fail-over to a back-up site if a critical business interruption occurs? Is your disaster recovery solution managed, optimised, tested and always available?


Do you know how to react to a disaster event? Are protocols in place and processes clear and tested?

blueAPACHE’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is built with these pillars in mind. To find out more read our tip sheet.

What makes a best-practice Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service provider?

We know you’re different

We know that every client brings their own unique requirements when it
comes to securing their mission critical data, applications and

We understand that most organisations operate with a blend of cloud and
on-premise systems.

We know applications and users are increasingly mobile, remote and
constantly changing, creating additional security challenges.

We know that every day your infrastructure is under attack – from outside
and sometimes from within.

We know that data security is paramount and that the financial well-being
of your entire organisation is directly linked to your IT infrastructure.

That’s why our Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service program is so unique.

  • It’s built to ISO27001 and supports local firms with as few as 20 staff right up to organisations with a global footprint and 2000 employees.
  • It’s hosted in Tier-4 rated data centres.
  • It’s a true, in-house, full-service offering, not a network of interdependent suppliers cobbled together and packaged as a ‘solution’.
  • It is ‘always on’ and encompasses files, databases, applications and key hardware elements – in the cloud, or on premise.
  • For cloud-first businesses, it simplifies the design and execution of a full disaster recovery program, keeping costs very low and making it easy to activate

to help you learn

DRaaS for Dummies

This four-chapter e-book guides you through the must-know information before implementing DRaaS

Do you know the three Rs?

Resilience, Readiness and Reaction. How do you measure up?

Why back up MS Office 365?

Just because Office 365 is in the cloud doesn’t mean your data is protected

Why CIOs work with blueAPACHE
Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

The CIOs and IT Directors we work with recognise that disaster recovery planning and implementation is increasingly difficult to deliver with internal resources. Technology specific resources and know-how are needed for a successful outcome, and even the most well-designed DR solutions begin ageing the minute they’re activated.

blueAPACHE’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is an always-on solution that provides CIOs with continuously refreshed infrastructure and the highest standards in security that only the largest organisations could ever afford to build and run.

We offer CIOs intelligent, transparent reporting, clear lines of authority and process, industry-leading service level agreements, around the clock monitoring and support and the peace of mind of knowing that a fully-compliant, tested and managed disaster-recovery solution is in place and ready to be activated should disaster strike.

Why CFOs and risk managers
insist on blueAPACHE Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

The CFOs and risk and compliance managers we work with are unequivocal when it comes to protecting their organisations and mitigating risk. They want global best practice, reliability, clarity and insight from their disaster recovery solution provider. There is no room for downtime, privacy breaches or poor backup and recovery practice. They also want costs that align to their risk profile.

That’s why blueAPACHE’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service is such a compelling business case for most organisations.

We offer an auditable ISO27001 certified solution that provides world-class protection and compliance with disaster recovery risk management practices. We ensure that if a critical business interruption occurs our solution is almost instantly activated according to pre-planned protocols and processes and business loss and interruption is minimised.

In addition, our as-a-service model moves disaster and recovery from an in-house capital-intensive cost (with high ongoing maintenance costs) to a much lower monthly subscription which can be funded out of operating expenses.

It’s cost efficient, more flexible and more powerful model than most organisations currently have, and our unique, customised approach is appealing even to those customers already deploying an inferior managed service.

Why blueAPACHE?

Since 1998 blueAPACHE has shown businesses how to use technology to build sustainable competitive advantage. Today we extend that business-centric focus to providing state-of-the-art Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service to medium-to-large sized organisations up to 2000 seats.

Our years of providing IT solutions to diverse kinds of organisations means we know how to build disaster recovery solutions which map exactly to current and likely future business requirements.

We protect infrastructure, data, applications and networks around the clock, while maintaining vendor and data centre neutrality. Securing and protecting our clients will always come first in our business.

Our supporting infrastructure combines HPE ProLiant servers, Nimble Storage, Veeam and HPE InfoSight.

What makes a best-practice Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service provider?


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