JANUARY 31, 2023: Mattress manufacturer Sealy has tapped blueAPACHE to get a data network up and running within 12 months across 18 locations globally.

The network provides voice communication services as well as access to data and applications for its back-office functions, such as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and accounting applications.

The rollout started with its six Australian sites, then rolled it out across one location in New Zealand, one in the UK and 10 throughout the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Its first service was live in June 2021, while the whole network was completed 10 months later in April 2022.

To roll out the network internationally, blueAPACHE utilised a combination of its internationally-based staff and contractors.

Chris Marshall, blueAPACHE managing director, said the projected utilised the managed services provider’s (MSP) existing reference network architecture, which was able to reduce risk due to it aligning with industry security frameworks.

“The project also benefitted from the fact that we were able to have one team in place that worked across everything from project deployment across the network to client service and cloud layers,” Marshall added.

The move to the data network came following the decision to part ways away from its telco provider after it failed to provide on three points: long-term relationships underpin commercial success, price points and the value that is delivered to the company.

“Unfortunately, we found that a telecommunications provider we had been working with for many years was no longer delivering on these three important points,” said Sealy CIO Phil Moss.

“The technology being used was okay, however the business relationship had reached the stage where we had no choice but to look elsewhere for support.”

As such, that search led Sealy to blueAPACHE, which started in April 2021. Moss spoke highly of the MSP, claiming the mattress company was “very impressed” with them from the beginning.

“They took time to build a firm relationship with us and to understand our particular requirements,” he said. “They then set about designing a networking infrastructure that met our needs both in Australia and internationally.

“During this period it became clear to us that blueAPACHE had the superior business experience and technical capabilities we needed to make a positive impact to our overall IT operations. The advanced technology mix recommended when combined with the company’s costs and focus on achieving results ensured we would have a winning formula for success from the outset of the deployment.

“We found that blueAPACHE were also very consultative in their approach. Rather than coming with preconceived ideas of what we should deploy, they instead listened to what we needed and understood the critical role that data networks play within our business.”

Moss also said that he is also looking forward to having a long-term relationship with blueAPACHE.

“They keep a close eye on the evolving technology landscape and proactively suggest new approaches and products that could support our business as we continue to grow,” he added.

Details about blueAPACHE’s work with Sealy comes months after it launched a dedicated experience unit in November 2022, led by James Bubbers.

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