blueAPACHE celebrates Family Day 2018.

March 2018– blueAPACHE hosted our annual family day at the Royal Melbourne Zoo.

Staff were invited to spend the afternoon exploring the trails and animal attractions with family and friends. Taking opportunity of the lovely weekend weather, it was a casual and relaxing day, followed by a scrumptious lunch at the Zoo’s pavilion.

“We had a great time at the 2018 family day. Set at the Melbourne Zoo, we met by the gorilla enclosure and had a wander. My oldest kid, Porsche, really loves animals and was excited for the day. My youngest kid, Perth, was really happy when a butterfly landed on his hand in the butterfly house.”, said Raymond, Technical Support Manager who recently completed his tenth year with blueAPACHE.

“The kids also enjoyed the games and activities- Tug of war, Sack Race, Egg and Spoon Race, and Parachute. Perth then spent a long time making a mask and playing with glitter. They had so much fun and slept soundly that night”.

blueAPACHE’s family day brings the team from all over Australia together, and is a great chance for staff to get to know one another better. Fostering a family-friendly and happy work environment is also an important part of life at blueAPACHE.

“This is my first ever family day at work. I was really impressed with the organisation of the event, which was great fun for all. Everyone got to choose their own walking tracks to see any animals exhibits they wished, and later got together for lunch.”, said Divya, a PMO Lead who recently joined blueAPACHE.

”It was great to see everyone, including teams from Sydney & Brisbane. To meet not only them but their families make you feel like you’re part of a big extended family.”

With over 110 guests attending, this was our biggest family day yet, indicating blueAPACHE’s growth over the years. The hard work of Chris (founder and managing director) and his wife, Alicia, organising the event proved to be a success, as smiles were seen all around with staff enjoying the day with their loved ones.

“The blueAPACHE Family Day is my favourite event on our calendar. The opportunity to bring out team in from across Australia and to meet the families of those we work with every day is such a privilege. The success we enjoy today would not be possible without the support of our customers, our partners and this team.”, said Chris.

Here are some photos of the day. Enjoy!


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