Last weekend, blueAPACHE hosted our annual family day in the Mornington Peninsula.

Every year in February, staff along with family, are invited to the home of blueAPACHE Managing Director, Chris Marshall for a casual, relaxed afternoon of family friendly festivities. This year the young ones had a lot to look forward to – face painting, balloon twisting, tennis, piñata and more!

“This was my first family day event and we all had a great time”, said Hayden, who recently joined the service delivery team. “My son got a Spiderman painting on his face and was so thrilled. We loved it!”

“It’s a great family event and I always look forward to it”, said Grant, a senior projects engineer who just completed his fifteenth year with blueAPACHE. “When we started this tradition back in 2008, we were a very small team. Today, with almost 80 staff, events such as this are all the more important to get to know the people we work with.”

The day brings together the team from all over Australia and is an ideal opportunity for our interstate colleagues to meet and reconnect with one another.

“It was good to finally meet the rest of the team”, said Alen, who is based out of Sydney. “I’ve been dealing with many of them over emails and phone. It was nice to put faces to familiar names and build relationship on a personal level outside of the work environment.”

The surprise activity for the day was the very entertaining (even more so for spectators), Bubble Soccer! A game that involves players being strapped into a zorb ball and running around playing a full contact game of soccer. There was fierce competition, a few sore backs and a lot of laughs.

There was also a raffle and the lucky winners, Regina, Dean, Nathan and Jenni went home with massive gift hampers full of goodies.

“It was really nice to be invited to Chris’ house”, said Regina. I’m glad we are creating a family friendly environment. I know that now, and going forward, family remains an important part of life at blueAPACHE.”

With more than 100 guests attending, this was our biggest family day yet, and all indicators are towards an even bigger event next near. “No matter how big we grow, we are committed to never losing our core values of agility and a passion for customer service”, said Chris. “The success we enjoy today would not be possible without the dedication of this team – and for that, I’m sincerely grateful.”

blueAPACHE family day

blueAPACHE family day

blueAPACHE family day

blueAPACHE family day

blueAPACHE family day

blueAPACHE family day

blueAPACHE family day


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