In line with the Australian Government and the ACMA, blueAPACHE has implemented stronger pre-port identity checks to minimise instances of fraudulent mobile number porting and reduce associated financial loss and hardship to customers.

This new standard will be in effect from May 31, 2020. The Legislation can be found here

In summary, when a mobile number is to be ported to blueAPACHE emPOWER mobile service (or a SIM swap), we have incorporated an SMS Verification Code as part of the process. Once the porting process is started, we will generate a one-time unique SMS verification code that will be sent to the end user. The end user will need to provide this code within a few minutes to blueAPACHE to allow the porting process to continue. Without it, the porting process may be impacted and blueAPACHE will need to verify the porting of this number via other approved means.

If you have a blueAPACHE Mobile Service and have fallen victim to a mobile porting fraud, please contact the blueAPACHE Service Desk urgently via your existing channels or call 1300 13 55 48.

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