blueAPACHE today launched it’s new awareness campaign in Melbourne. The campaign targets digital mediums across Melbourne CBD and Southbank.

Designed to remind businesses that they don’t need to build infrastructure in order to access the latest technology, the campaign focuses on blueAPACHE’s Converged IT as a Service (ITaaS) delivery model.


blueAPACHE Campaign


ITaaS allows companies to consume traditionally-siloed technology and communication services as a utility – similar to a water, electricity or gas service – rather than building and maintaining computing infrastructure in-house or in data centres.

This enables organisations to transition technology and communication capital expenditure into other activities that help grow the business. The delivery model moves what used to be a rigid capital investment into a scalable and measurable operational expense that offers organisations much more agility.

The blueAPACHE Converged ITaaS platform allows organisations to use as many (or as few) of the services as needed, when they’re needed. Being converged means they are integrated onto a single platform to provide simpler, more unified management, analytic and reporting functions. You can find more on the platform here.


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To learn more of blueAPACHE’s converged ITaaS, contact the account management team.
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