MARCH 28, 2024: blueAPACHE is pleased to announce a transformative initiative, a multi-million-dollar investment, to enhance customer experience, with ServiceNow’s Platform.

This strategic investment underscores blueAPACHE’s commitment to operational excellence and will provide the platform that underpins blueAPACHE’s mission to be the world’s leading IT service provider.

blueAPACHE’s formidable growth story is built on 25 years of organic, double-digit growth. Meeting the operational requirements of this growth has required a continuous improvement program across all core platforms and tools, and 2024 is no different in that regard. However, the magnitude of the investment is.

The decision to leverage ServiceNow Platform, aligns with blueAPACHE’s growth ambitions and strategic goals to deliver greater value to customers and leverage ServiceNow’s expertise and technology to enhance operational capabilities.

Commenting on the investment, Michael Zuppa, General Manager – Technology at blueAPACHE, highlighted, “Our commitment to investing in this integrated operational framework demonstrates our dedication to delivering enhanced value and a superior experience to our customers.”

Customer centricity was at the heart of the decision-making process and guarantees optimised processes to improve service delivery. Meeting the needs of a global community of clients requires a leading platform that can accelerate automation and data-driven decision-making, while also having a compounding effect on customer experience.

This comprehensive approach will seamlessly integrate customer management, service delivery, and contract management functions, enhancing operational efficiency, streamlining processes, and elevating the overall customer experience.

These investments are designed to enhance service reliability, expedite issue resolution, and contribute to an overall elevated experience for blueAPACHE’s customers. This initiative builds upon the foundation of service excellence, consistently delivering a seamless customer experience.

The integrated system aims to optimise workflows, foster collaboration, and provide a unified view of customer interactions. This commitment ensures customers experience a more personalised and streamlined engagement throughout their journey.

blueAPACHE’s selection of ServiceNow for this transformative initiative is due to the platform’s reputation for providing comprehensive solutions aligned with the company’s commitment to excellence.

About blueAPACHE

blueAPACHE is a leading managed services provider that offers IT management, IT strategy, and converged IT services to clients across Australia, UK, Asia, and North America. Since 1998, blueAPACHE has been revolutionising the way organisations access technology and communications by providing affordable solutions that offer true scalability, elasticity, and agility. The company is known for enabling organisations to grow by removing the IT capital investment required to fund expansion through its IT-as-a-Service offerings.

blueAPACHE’s team of industry specialists work together to provide outstanding solutions to complex technology problems. In addition to taking ownership of clients’ IT challenges, they leverage technology to improve business performance, align strategy, and drive their business objectives.

With technical expertise, experience, and infrastructure, blueAPACHE is the ideal technology partner for organisations looking for a professional IT services partner that will enable them to free up capital expenditure and focus on their core business – knowing that their IT is aligned to their needs, tailored for their objectives, and underpinned by a team of industry experts.

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