With the end of the calendar year nearing, details of the annual embargo on new network services from the telecommunications carriage providers have been released. The industry embargo is a period when no new network projects that include the laying of copper, fibre, NBN or wholesale broadband cabling or connectivity will be provisioned.

This year, the embargo will commence at 07:00am on Monday 14th December 2015 and continues through to 07:00am on Monday 11th January 2016.


What the embargo means

The embargo impacts the provisioning of new copper, fibre, NBN and broadband services (fixed wireless services are not impacted). During the embargo period:

  • Orders for standard copper, fibre, NBN and wholesale broadband services will be accepted and processed as usual, however services will not be provisioned during the embargo period and may be impacted by extended delivery times before and after the embargo.
  • Provisioning activities associated with non-standard services and any network re-configuration activities, will not be undertaken.
  • Service delivery that requires hardware or software upgrades on carrier networks will not be undertaken.


How to mitigate the impact of the embargo

If you have new network projects planned for the end of the year, you can minimise the impact of the embargo by placing orders before the following cut-off dates:

Network Service: Finalised orders to be received before:
Copper or Fibre Services 13th November 2015
NBN and Wholesale Broadband Services 13th November 2015


What blueAPACHE are doing

Support for all services throughout this period will continue. You will be able to contact our Service Centre and the Network Operations Centre for support as normal.

New Managed Services, Hybrid and Private Cloud, Iaas, PaaS, Saas, DRaaS, SIP and VPN, Software and Solution, or Consulting and Procurement services remain unaffected by the embargo. New fixed wireless Internet and Private Network projects also remain unaffected, and can be provisioned during this time.

Internet, Voice and Data Network projects that utilise new copper, fibre, NBN or wholesale broadband are unfortunately impacted by the industry embargo.


What happens after the embargo?

All activities will re-commence after the industry embargo period. We do expect to see some delays as the carriage providers catch up on the back log of works.

To discuss how the embargo will impact you, contact your blueAPACHE Account Manager.


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