According to IDC, the global public cloud computing market will top $70 billion in 2015.

The world of work has fundamentally changed with laptops, tablets, and smartphones – the workplace is now just a click away. The days of network downtime, hardware crashes, and office-bound employees are over. Expensive infrastructure, software updates, sourcing technical staff and maintenance are gone. New online technologies and delivery models have transformed the way work gets done, and subscription-based cloud solutions are taking more businesses into the future every day.

Cloud computing means connecting through the Internet to data and applications stored on managed servers, and is the most flexible way to add that capacity to your business.  It is where compute, virtualisation, access, applications, and information meet. It is a platform that enables you to access industry-leading agility, redundancy, security, data sovereignty and  privacy without having to invest in the staff or expertise to manage it.  It is the platform that enables you to stop investing in technology, and start investing in your growth – you can redivert capital away from technology and reinvest in your future.

Eileen Smith, program manager at IDC, said that “the technological innovations and enabling capabilities unleashed by cloud have fostered new opportunities across the industries. As a result, it is necessary for buyers to recognise the industry drivers and barriers of deployment, to understand the business transformation brought by cloud, and to act upon the changes that will shape business and technology strategy in the coming years.”

blueAPACHE built their Australian private cloud in 2010 to ensure clients can experience a seamless transition, avoid capital investment in redundant technology and can access enterprise-grade scalability to their organisation – whether they have 50 staff or 5000.

The top five verticals that are realising the benefits (and account for 45 percent of cloud computing spending) according to IDC are:

  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Banking
  • Professional Services
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Retail

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