The strategic decisions CIOs and CFOs make about their cloud infrastructure are more critical than ever. The choice between public and private cloud strategies is significant, surrounded by misconceptions and marketing narratives. It’s a decision fraught with implications for cost, security, scalability, management, and businesses’ agility in responding to market demands. A closer look at the facts reveals a more complex picture that challenges common beliefs and requires a deeper understanding.

blueAPACHE and HPE aim to provide an educational and engaging exploration of the cloud landscape. We do not want you just to acquire information that challenges established norms. The goal is to provoke thought and encourage informed decision-making, guiding you towards a cloud strategy that aligns with your organisation’s specific needs and objectives. It’s about finding the right solution that supports your business in terms of cost, security, scalability, and management efficiency.

Cost Considerations

When we talk about cloud services, many people first think about how much it will cost. The public cloud seems attractive because you pay as you go, which sounds like it could save money over time. But is it truly more cost-effective in the long run? There are hidden fees and unbudgeted price hikes to watch out for, like data egress fees and the complications that come with reserved instances, along with long-term data retention growth that can quickly add to the overall cost, and is difficult to calculate from the outset. These extra costs can add up, making it important to consider the total cost of using the cloud, not just the initial price. By assessing your current and future requirements, checking out scalable options, and considering costs, you can find the right cloud solution for your current needs and growth.

Security – Who is responsible?

Security in the cloud is not just about the technology; it’s about understanding the degrees of the shared responsibility model in public clouds versus the granular control private clouds offer. For industries handling sensitive data, the choice of cloud infrastructure is critical. This segment teases the essential questions around data sovereignty, compliance, and each cloud model’s inherent risks and responsibilities.

Scalability and Adaptability

The ability to scale and adapt is a promise of cloud computing, but do public and private clouds really stack up the same when put to the test? When considering scalability and agility it is important to consider all aspects required for that scaling e.g. the flexibility, interoperability, connectivity, accessibility and the control needed to still meet the business performance requirement at scale. This section discusses the considerations when looking to scale differing workloads effectively.

Managing the Cloud Environment

On the surface, public cloud presents a facade of simplicity in management. Yet, management complexity can increase significantly as organisations grow and diversify their cloud portfolios. What looked simple at the start gets complicated when you’re trying to keep track of everything. The challenges encountered in managing public clouds have led to advancements in managing private clouds, making them more manageable and efficient.

Understanding Vendor Lock-In and Migration Challenges

Being agile—able to move, choose, and change freely—is at the heart of using technology effectively. However, moving your operations between different cloud services can be tricky. You might run into issues such as vendor lock-in or difficulty using different technologies together. This highlights these issues, emphasising the strategic considerations necessary for effective migration planning.

Are you ready to unpack this further?

Join our experts, Chris Marshall, Managing Director at blueAPACHE and Neil Evans, GM of Cloud Services at HPE, as they delve into these critical aspects of cloud services, offering a depth of analysis and insight that cuts through the noise. Discover the full conversation and deepen your understanding of these pivotal issues by accessing the on-demand content here.

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