How do the most progressive boards tackle cyber risk?

Mark McLaughlin, Palo Alto Networks Chairman and CEO, shared key questions and insight into the conversations board members should be having with their CIOs.

“I see that a lot of boards will talk to their CIOs and say – how safe are we? If I gave you one more dollar, how much safer would we be? And those are really hard questions to answers because it is just not that specific.

I think the proper questions to answer are how comfortable do you feel in our security philosophy and architecture for the next three or five years? How much are we investing in making it more automated and less manual?

The single biggest thing I see with progressive boards is they challenge their security leaders to think differently. The old way clearly doesn’t work but what does the progressive approach look like?

Progressive boards ask questions such as how many attacks are we seeing? How many of those do we have to pay attention to? This is probably the most important measure you can make because it shows your level of efficiency. If you can force people in the organisation to think that way, you’ll get some interesting results.

Another way of thinking is – in five years’ time, if I want to be twice as secure as we are today at half the cost, what would you do now? That really forces people to think outside the box. You just can’t keep doing it the old way if you want to make sure you are protected in the future.”

To watch the full video of Mark’s insights, visit the original post here.


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