NBN Co has announced that it will pause all hybrid fibre co-axial (HFC) activations for the next six to nine months while it addresses a number of service issues.

During this period, NBN Co will implement new initiatives designed to improve the quality of service for existing nbn HFC end-users that already have the service today. Once that is complete, the improvements will be extended to future areas, continuing with the rollout sequence as before.

The stop-sell is effective from 11 December 2017 and any premise that does not have an active or in-flight order (including held orders) service order by this date will be rolled back to Service Class (SC) 20. This includes SC21, SC22, SC23 and inactive SC24. If the SC24 premise has an active service at 11 December 2017, nbn will accept Modify and Service Transfer (churn) orders. If the SC24 premise does not have an active service at 11 December 2017 it will be rolled back to SC20.

Existing nbn HFC services will continue to be maintained. All other nbn fixed line and wireless technology types can continue to be ordered and will be provisioned as normal.


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