emPOWER Proof

emPOWER Proof provides freight operators, service businesses and distribution businesses with an immediate, low cost solution in mobile information management.

From a small operator to large enterprises,  emPOWER Proof is a highly valuable tool for all delivery, transport and service businesses.

To improve reporting, logistics management and job tracking, we have designed a simple to use system that eliminates the need for expensive rugged delivery devices and provides extensive features and benefits that have never been available in a single independent package.

We call it emPOWER Proof.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Model

emPOWER Proof Testimonial Proof that the delivery has been completed has never been easier. There are three components in our collection of proof of delivery data:

  • Capture the name of the person receiving the goods.
  • Capture signatures to create the Digital Proof which is embedded with the job number, the job receiver, the contents, the GPS coordinates and the date and time.
  • Capture photograph proof of the job. emPOWER Proof allows for multiple photos to be captured and linked to the proof of delivery.

The proof of delivery is tagged with the GPS coordinates along with the date and time to provide accurate data on each job.

A key strength of the emPOWER Proof system is the ability to work as a powerful addition to your existing software and solutions.

Without exception any company that needs proof of delivery will find that the emPOWER Proof system will save time and increase productivity over their current proof of delivery process.

Business Benefits

By leveraging the emPOWER Cloud platform, Proof offers clients a huge array of business benefits including:

  • Lower costs – Pay per user per month (including short term and seasonal employees). There is no need to buy licenses.
  • Bring Your Own Device – Staff and contractors can use the software on their own iPhone and Android phone devices. No need for expensive devices sitting in the storeroom waiting for peak times.
  • Always available – emPOWER Cloud software has 99.999% uptime.
  • Speed to market – Clients can be up and going within a day. New staff and contractors can be up and running in minutes.
Product Features

emPOWER Proof allows complete control of the process through the touch of a smart phone. It provides the following leading edge key features:Sign-on glass

  • No special hardware is needed – the emPOWER Proof solution works on iPhones and Android smart phones.
  • All data can be entered manually or can be electronically integrated with existing systems.
  • Bar code scanning capacity – for saving time and improve accuracy.
  • Job log entries such as arrive at site, hand unload duration and other events to assist revenue capture.
  • Record delivery issues – such as wrong address or damaged goods.
  • Records asset movements – such as pallets, display equipment, etc.
  • Provides a user log for recording – full activity from start to finish of the workday, including all arrivals and departures from sites.
  • All log entries include GPS location along with date and time stamped verification.
  • Photo capture – to provide additional reference and as proof of condition of goods.
  • Digital Proof – receivers signature embedded with receiver name, job details, time and GPS location.

The emPOWER Proof solution instantly makes redundant the current range of expensive and bulky hand held delivery devices. Utilising low-cost and easily accessible smart phone (iPhone and Android) devices, emPOWER Proof removes traditional cost barriers.

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