In today’s business environment, harnessing the power of collaboration is key to success. While many organisations have transitioned to the cloud, optimising Microsoft 365 (M365) for collaboration efficiency remains a priority.

To support you on this journey, blueAPACHE offers Copilot Assessments as a strategic solution to streamline your M365 migration and unlock enhanced collaboration capabilities.

What is a Copilot Assessment?

Think of it as a roadmap to success. Our assessment delves into your existing IT landscape, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations. We’ll identify potential roadblocks related to data governance, user adoption, and security – ensuring a seamless Copilot implementation.

Benefits of a Copilot Assessment with blueAPACHE:

  • Uncover data governance hurdles: We’ll analyse your data management practices identifying any issues that might hinder Copilot deployment. We’ll also advise on temporary solutions offered by Microsoft while you work towards a long-term data governance strategy.
  • Optimise your licensing: Our assessment ensures you have the right M365 licensing in place to maximise the benefits of Copilot.
  • Boost user adoption: A key component of our assessment is evaluating user behaviour within your current collaboration tools like Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. This allows us to tailor adoption strategies to encourage positive user habits, setting the stage for a successful Copilot rollout.

Introducing the New Copilot Readiness Assessment

The power of AI is transforming businesses, and with the growing demand for Copilot, we’re here to offer a new Copilot Readiness Assessment.

This assessment leverages Microsoft’s Zero Trust Questionnaire and your organisation’s data within the Microsoft Cloud Portal. Based on this data, we’ll identify potential security risks, recommend licensing optimisations, and encourage best practices within Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Scaling Your Assessment with blueAPACHE

Our team of experts can assist you with conducting the assessment and presenting the findings to your stakeholders, ensuring a smooth and successful Copilot implementation.

Ready to unlock the collaborative potential of Copilot?

Contact blueAPACHE today to schedule your Copilot Assessment and take your M365 journey to the next level.

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