In 2021, an empowered workforce is a productive workforce. And a productive workforce makes for a profitable business.

What's the future
of work
in a post pandemic world?


Today, Australian organisations are continuing to adjust operating processes as the COVID-19 crisis redefines the business and workplace landscape. Remote work for many employees will be an ongoing necessity.

Naturally, this is placing business and technology leaders under continual pressure to deliver great online experiences to keep people engaged, efficient and effective.

In this environment, a highly functioning digital workspace with seamless remote access to applications in the cloud has become a defining competitive advantage.



Will the experience of interfacing with an organisation’s technology increase employee engagement? Will employees feel positive, supported and empowered as they go about their work – or does it work against them?



Does the technology environment let employees produce more, faster – without extra effort or compromising quality? The use of technology in business is primarily driven by the need to reduce costs, improve quality and increase production.



Doing the right work, at the right time in the right way. Getting control over ever increasing complexity in even the most basic of tasks is no mean feat. Applications have become more powerful, data abounds offering rich insights to anyone able to decode them and 9 to 5 office hours and central office locations are vanishing.

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What’s the future of work in a post pandemic world?


A recent study by our workplace technology partner Citrix shows that the complexity of the IT environment in Australia is ever-expanding

Where do you start?

While every business is different, the social and workplace trends impacting employee engagement, efficiency and effectiveness impact everyone in a similar way.

We know that supporting a flexible workforce is how companies can scale while competitors struggle to find full-time staff and manage fixed costs.

We understand the identity management and related security challenges presented by a mobile workforce

We know that mobile-enabled teams and individuals can be more agile and effective than traditional tethered workforces


We recognise that technology must support culture, purpose and outcomes, not be a barrier to growth and innovation.

What's the future of work in a pandemic world?


Creating your own cloud rules


How to stay agile in the era of remote working


How to drive productivity in today’s cloud-first world


That’s why companies work
with blueAPACHE

  • We understand what the workplace of the future can look like and the competitive advantage it offers if built right.

  • What’s old is new again. While there’s a dizzying array of cloud-based solutions that promise to solve every challenge and boost productivity, a cogent technology strategy is still needed to ensure time, money and effort is not wasted.

  • Application delivery is only part of the story. Data security, governance and compliance with regulation has to be considered at all times.

  • We know what a great user experience is and how to build a technology environment that delivers it.

Why CIOs work with blueAPACHE

The CIOs we work with know that technology, culture and employee engagement and retention are intrinsically linked. Effective technology that staff love using to do their job needs less customisation, less support and ultimately costs less.

They also know that the intersection between form and function is a fast-moving animal, and it’s difficult to assess new technologies, build an employee-oriented strategy and ensure existing technology investments continue to provide a return.

blueAPACHE is experienced in pulling these different threads together, working alongside CIOs to build a shared vision of the workplace of the future and then create it in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why CEOs work with blueAPACHE

CEOs wake up most days thinking about culture and performance in one way or the other – even if they think they don’t.

In our view, profit is driven by people (employees). If people aren’t happy or are unable to do their jobs efficiently or effectively then business will suffer. It’s that simple. CEOs know it and we know it. Engaged teams produce great work and love what they do. Disengaged and disempowered teams often have a technology problem that circumvents their best efforts to perform.

Our job is to support our client CEOs as they plan for a more agile, lean, mobile and customer-centric organisation that brings out the best in its people. We know the technologies that will support that kind of vision and we know how to implement and support them too.

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What’s the future of work in a post pandemic world?


Why blueAPACHE

Since 1998 blueAPACHE has shown businesses how to use technology to build sustainable competitive advantage.

An important part of our work centres on building technology-enabled workplaces that improve employee engagement and drive productivity and effectiveness.

Our years of providing IT solutions to many kinds of organisations means we understand the diversity of workplaces and the different ways that technology can support and align individual and organisational outcomes.

We are not just great with technology, we understand the human context involved in its deployment and use. It’s just one of the things that separate us from other technology advisors and implementers.

To build advanced workplaces we rely on proven, industry-leading solutions.


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