With ISDN services discontinued from the 30th June 2018 and phone line disconnections commencing 2019, businesses are preparing for the shutdown of ISDN when NBN rolls out completely over the next few years. ISDN is a digital network technology that carries voice and data services over the public switched telephone network.

For many mid-enterprise businesses, planning a migration to new technology over multiple sites can be an expensive and risky operation. If not properly managed, the risks include sites being offline before a replacement is ready to be deployed. If migrations are not planned carefully, business may suffer a loss due to data congestion, voice call drop-outs, and voice quality problems.

At blueAPACHE, our solutions unites voice, data, and security through a single, end-to-end service provider. We can help organisations achieve a higher level of productivity by migrating your business’ ISDN services to VoIP on NBN or a Private Fibre network. To maintain fixed voice calling is crucial for day to day operations, as businesses will have to move to newer phone system technologies.

As the NBN continues to roll out across the country, businesses preparing for the switch will migrate to having a business grade VoIP solution, typically a Hosted PBX,  SIP Trunks for their existing PBX or providing ISDN to their existing PBX with SIP Enabled ISDN. A SIP Trunk needs to connect to a PBX – a device that provides the brains behind the phone system that enables multiple users to share lines. Businesses looking for a new PBX solution will have to decide whether to host their systems via PBX in the cloud, or on-premises. An existing PBX can be used if it supports SIP Trunks, or an ISDN to SIP device can be used for older PBXs.

An important factor is that business grade VoIP services are dependent on a reliable data connection such as Fibre Ethernet or a quality NBN service.

blueAPACHE specialises in VoIP network optimisation and can provide efficient, cost-effective solutions on Network capacity and speed, upgrading your existing phone system, and selecting a hosted VoIP system VS. an on-premise VoIP-enabled telephone system.

Critical steps in our migration process include selecting the correct bandwidth for your business’ needs, ensuring the network is fit for purpose, and ordering the ideal number of SIP trunks for your business, and testing the new services on outgoing calls. We can assist with design, testing, installation, management, and monitoring of your SIP services, and manage the upgrade of your organisation’s IT systems, switches, networking, and WiFi networking.

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