Hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre in November 2018, the annual IT in Aged Care (ITAC) conference brings together executive leaders from within aged & community care organisations from all across Australia. The theme of the conference was Co-Designing our Digital Future, emphasising the importance of assistive technology supporting service quality and independence. The purpose of the conference is to bring national experts together to discuss and explore the role that technology plays within Aged Care, and more specifically the role technology can play in supporting workers providing this care.

The focus of the event for blueAPACHE & our key partner Citrix, was to highlight the importance of securing the future of digital workspace technologies for Aged Care providers. Throughout the conference, live at the blueAPACHE stand – delegates were able to witness a demo of the Citrix Digital Workspace, which fully aggregates all apps and data across all applications — both on-premises and cloud —to deliver the right experience, to the right user at the right time, and on any device. Pivotal to the aged care space, it enables providers to become more agile, more efficient, and provides the ability to securely deliver applications & data to their workforce regardless of where the app is hosted creating an almost effortless user experience.

A common topic that came up in conversation with many delegates was the challenges faced around delivering cost effective internet bandwidth to their regional facilities. In an age where the next generation of residents are looking to have access to bandwidth-heavy services such as social media, music, and video content streaming services, there is more pressure than ever on IT to be able to deliver these services effectively & efficiently.

As a telco carrier, and the IT provider of choice for number of Aged Care organisations, blueAPACHE are well versed in providing solutions to some of the challenges typically faced by some regional aged-care facilities. One of the solutions we’ve delivered to a number of clients in similar scenarios is the Citrix Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

During the conference, we wowed the delegates with a live demonstration displaying ease of deployment, management & capability. Because blueAPACHE can deliver internet services using the last mile of any provider, we’re able to deliver high bandwidth internet services to any remote facility using an aggregated combination of business grade MPLS data services along with multiple, consumer grade, high bandwidth services such as NBN. This means the blueAPACHE & Citrix SD-WAN solution can be delivered at a considerably lower cost, with uncontended redundancy, and with managed security at the edge.

blueAPACHE & Citrix would like to thank the organisers of ITAC for hosting a successful & enlightening event, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet other great providers within this exciting space, as well as the delegates who we look forward to continuing discussions with in more depth.

If you would like to learn more about our SD-WAN and Citrix workspace solutions for your organisation today, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists.

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