Held annually in October, Ride2Work day is the largest celebration of commuter riding in Australia. It emphasises the benefits of riding to work and brings together the communities that support it.

This year at blueAPACHE, there was much enthusiasm in the weeks leading up to Ride2Work day with frequent riders encouraging their work mates, even those who have never ridden before, to get involved.

The results were great to see. Three out of the nine participants were first time riders, new to bike-commuting. Some even used this opportunity to invest in new bikes and biking gear displaying true commitment to the cause.

The day offered ideal biking weather with no rain and very mild wind. All the cyclists made it to work safely and gathered around to enjoy their free breakfast and coffee and swap interesting tales of their experiences.


Ride to work


Wayne, who was brave enough to attempt the 50km commute from Werribee to Abbotsford, had a bit of a mishap when his seat post broke. Not one to give up, he cycled standing up for more than 25km and still managed to reach office on time. Alex, who lives about 400m from work, may have had an easier commute than Wayne. Although Ana had a minor fall on the way and bent her brand new bike, she has resolutely kept going and is already a much more confident biker.

“Riding to work is one of the best ways to start the day and it is actually safer than driving”, said Ed who helped organise this initiative. “It results in staff who are healthier, happier and more productive.”

Research shows that Ride2Work day is habit-forming with around one third of participants continuing to ride at least once a week. This has certainly proved to be true in our case as six of the cyclists, including all three first time riders, are now continuing to ride to work daily.

“I find that I really cherish the time I spend on the bike. It allows me to reflect and organise my thoughts. Not only is it a great form of exercise, it even takes me less time as compared to driving or using public transport”, said Justin.


Congratulations to the dedicated team, and we look forward to an even bigger participation next year.

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