At our lunch and learn event hosted at QT Melbourne, we brought together key customers, to discuss the latest issues on strategies towards mitigating cybersecurity incidents within an organisation (Essential Eight).

Along with our guests, blueAPACHE’s Managing Director, Chris Marshall, General Manager of Technology, Michael Zuppa, and a key security partner, Mimecast, engaged in conversation over a delicious 3-course lunch, on practical strategies to secure an organisation’s most precious asset – data, from malicious attacks and human errors.

In current times, having data protection and cybersecurity in an always-on environment, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has developed mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of cyber threats.

blueAPACHE prides ourselves in managing the data and compliance requirements of organisations to high industry standards. Working closely with our clients to implement the Essential 8 mitigation strategies and making it harder for threats to compromise precious information and systems.

It was an engaging session to listen and discuss client challenges in their journey of implementing the essential 8 based on their maturity levels. Whilst the Essential 8 was around the technical controls, it was resounding for guests in the room to discuss the challenges around the user awareness training, particularly members in organisations being the highest risk.

To combat this issue, we introduced our partner, Mimecast’s, latest platform, Ataata. As a security awareness training and cyber risk management platform, Ataata helps organisations defend against information security breaches and risks caused by human error.

The roundtable addressed the importance of providing modern training techniques to change and solve the security culture within an organisation effectively. It was great to see how Ataata is making it more efficient for organisations to roll out awareness training in an engaging manner that is both educational and entertaining at the same time.

The platform allows for phishing emails to be tested out to employees as part of an interactive training, to educate, and make employees aware of potential harmful actions which may cause a security breach in the wider organisation.

Common consensus around the table was also the importance of Two-Factor Authentication, as this significantly reduces identity theft. Failing this is where the Essential 8 comes into action. By having the Essential 8 security framework and controls in place, it prevents the threats from escalating into damaging levels.

Furthermore, discussions around privilege access management, ensuring all users are operating with least privileged access are audited with different stages of controls and access levels. This later brought about discussions around changes to security standards and regulations in Australia such as ISO270001 and VPDSS in line with the data notification act.

It was a rewarding session with our attendees sharing their journeys about aligning policies and processes in the business to industry standards which are crucial for organisations to adopt in current times.

For more information on how we can help your organisation mitigate cybersecurity incidents and protect your data, please contact our expert team.

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