Banyule Community Health secure stability, continuity and peace of mind with blueAPACHE Managed Services.

Banyule Community Health (BCH) has existed for forty years as a standalone not-for-profit organisation, providing care for those in the community that may otherwise be disadvantaged by their socio-economic status, mental health or other circumstances. They strive to continually provide high quality services that benefit the community, create better health outcomes and build health equality for those that need it most.

A complex operating environment supported a diverse array of private health records, applications and systems including TrakCare, dental record management and more.

BCH’s IT environment had been run successfully for many years by a single IT administrator, leveraging blueAPACHE’s technical specialists to augment the internal capabilities. Following the unexpected passing of their administrator, BCH found themselves in a position of risk as no one else in the organisation had transferable understanding of the technical systems.


“We placed trust in blueAPACHE, and it was repaid with the service, support and continuity we desperately needed.”

Leanne Tutin
Executive Manager Client Relations and Infrastructure
Banyule Community Health


Client: Banyule Community Health is a standalone not-for-profit organisation, delivering multiple modalities of care and support in the health and welfare sector to improve health outcomes and health equity within the community.
Challenges: – Business continuity.
– Maintaining a stable platform.
– A need to increase performance, security, financial visibility, and use of existing resources.
Services: – emPOWER Managed Services.
– emPOWER Network.
– emPOWER Cloud.
– Business Continuity
Outcomes: – Fewer IT challenges and issues.
– Access to a large team that understand the technology environment.
– Improved performance, scalability and visibility.
– Better continuity and DR planning.
– Improved longevity of existing resources.
Download: View the full Banyule Community Health case study – pdf-icon 0.5 Mb

blueAPACHE Case Study - BCH





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