DFK Hirn Newey reduce downtime, improve performance and increase billable hours with emPOWER Managed Services.

When accounting and business services firm DFK Hirn Newey found themselves devoting more and more time to an increasingly complex virtual server environment, they found that migrating to a fully hosted platform saved time, increased speed and performance, and provided a more stable IT infrastructure with significantly less downtime.

The most significant benefit of transitioning to the blueAPACHE IT as a Service (ITaaS) model has been the reduction in IT downtime, as so much of the work they perform is reliant on technology.

DFK Hirn Newey staff keep time records of their hours worked and also keep track of time “unable to work” due to technology failure.  The company reports that speed and performance have improved across all services, with staff noticing a faster, more stable workplace experience.


“The stable performance and reduced downtime is the true measure of what our company has gained by moving to blueAPACHE managed services”

Paul Fiumara
Partner and Director of IT Services, DFK Hirn Newey



Client: Established in 1976, DFK Hirn Newey is one of the top accounting firms in Queensland. Through their association with DFK International, Hirn Newey is affiliated with accounting firms throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world.
Challenges: – Inconsistent technology platform.
– A need to increase performance, reliability, and financial visibility.
– Significant periods of downtime and long periods without resolution.
Services: – emPOWER Managed Services
– emPOWER Cloud
– emPOWER Network
Outcomes: – A single point of accountability for technology services.
– Improved network performance.
– Significant reduction in downtime and technology issues.
– Greater agility and scalability.
– Direct access to technology specialists whenever needed.
Download: View the full DFK Hirn Newey case study – pdf-icon 0.7Mb

blueAPACHE Case Study - DFK Hirn Newey 200




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