Five reasons I love technology

By Michael Zuppa, GM of Technology at blueAPACHE


Ask any bunch of primary school children what they want to be when they grow up and the majority will respond with firefighters, doctors, astronauts. Not many will mention technology careers until they are older. Yet IT is one of the fastest growing career paths and hopefully those kids will learn to love the industry just as I do. Here’s why I love technology:

1. It’s ever-changing.

There’s never a dull moment! The developments since I got into the industry are astonishing. Who would have thought that you can now fit more processing power into a sleek hand-held device than the supercomputers that took an entire room twenty years ago? Our partners at HPE affirm that the pace of change in IT is faster than any one person’s ability to keep up. Which is why I’m lucky to be surrounded by a great team of technologists who live and breathe IT.

2. Diverse range of customers.

We get to support all kinds of organisations while they achieve remarkable things. From helping the biggest call centre in Australia to run efficiently with IT provided ‘as a Service’, to aged care centres that need support to meet stringent compliance standards, we get to see our customers’ success close-up. Our customers allow us to be a part of something bigger than our own organisation and I am grateful for that opportunity.

3. The huge challenge.

IT is a great career for problem solvers and dreamers alike and when they team up, the magic happens! The feeling of working towards a solution that forges a new path, or of unravelling a problem that has drawn upon our combined knowledge and expertise is tremendously satisfying.

4. True equality.

I firmly believe that the more diverse our team is, the stronger we are. The only thing that matters is a person’s contribution – their efforts, dedication and skills – regardless of gender, nationality or ethnicity. . I am proud to say that at blueAPACHE we truly embrace and encourage diversity.

5. Continuous learning.

While learning new technologies is important, it’s even more important to understand organisations. For any project to work, we must learn about its significance to our client organisation. This means studying the intricate processes and interdependencies that allow them to provide a service. In the process, we acquire a great deal of industry-specific knowledge that’s transferrable. The connections we make – whether with the 25,000-strong network of specialists at HPE, or with the customer who knows the not-for-profit or aged care sector like nobody else – all of it equips us for future challenges.


While it certainly isn’t for anyone seeking predictability, technology is an industry that rewards the innovators and hard workers. For anyone with curiosity, work ethic and a drive to help customers get more from technology, the opportunities are endless. And for those youngsters wondering what their future might hold, chances are, whatever they choose, it will involve technology in one way or another.


Michael can be reached for consultations on cloud transitions, or to learn how blueAPACHE can help you achieve more with IT, through our Head Office in Melbourne.

If you enjoy learning and thrive in a culture of autonomy and empowerment, click here to view our current job listing.


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