The recurring theme that dominated the year gone by was that of Cybersecurity. Time and again, we were reminded of not just the endless possibilities and inventiveness of an attack, but also of its ability to bring down entire organisations. Be it PayPal or SWIFT, Dropbox or Australia Post, no organisation, big or small, was safe from an attack or the threat of one. If there was a vulnerability that could be exploited, it was only a matter of time before it was.

2016 was also a year of tremendous achievement for blueAPACHE. We expanded our presence and strengthened our industry standing. Our continued evolution reinforces that we remain relevant in a rapidly changing landscape.

We look forward to providing lot more useful information, industry trends, updates and sharing our successes with you in 2017.

Here is a look at the top 6 blueAPACHE blog posts of 2016:

  1. Fake Australia Post websites spreading TorrentLocker

Another round of ransomware is targeting Australians. This new incarnation masquerades as an Australia Post email notifying you of a parcel and encouraging you to check tracking. Clicking the tracking link takes you to a site that looks like Australia Post, but is not.

  1. Warning – you have received a subpoena email

Branded with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) logo and the subject “AFP You have been issued”, a new ransomware email claims you have been subpoenaed to appear in court due to a “law violation”. The AFP advised that they were aware of the fake email, and made a statement advising they do not issue subpoenas via email.

  1. Android bank app users targeted in sophisticated malware attack

A new Trojan named Android/Spy.Agent.SI is mimicking banking and other financial applications on Android devices. According to media releases, millions of customers of Australia and New Zealand’s largest banks may be targeted.

  1. Virus cripples Royal Melbourne Hospital Pathology

Royal Melbourne Hospital has been targeted by a hack that has significantly impacted their IT systems, and in turn, the services they can provide to those most in need. The virus has infected Windows XP computers within Melbourne Health’s (the network which runs the hospital) Pathology department.

  1. Chris Marshall and blueAPACHE featured in ARN magazine

blueAPACHE Founder and Managing Director, Chris Marshall, spoke to ARN Editor, James Henderson, about the eighteen year journey from the spare room, to being recognised as one of Australia’s true home grown IT success stories.

  1. blueAPACHE expands Brisbane team, increases investment in QLD

blueAPACHE significantly expanded operations in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, responding to strong demand from a thriving local business market. Following significant growth in Queensland, blueAPACHE transferred long-term Victorian executive, Andrew Bird, to lead the Brisbane operations as the new Territory Manager.


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